Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3: Conference

Today I learned a lot about parts of the world I didn't know so much about.
Chinese migration into the Russian Far East is occurring despite the region being depressed because it's still better than China. They are working on some innovative ideas out there, including a special economic zone that crosses the border where people move freely across the border to trade and do business. Fascinating stuff that I need to look into more.

Central Asians migrating to Moscow have a pretty tough time of it. It resembles the U.S.-Mexican border and immigration issues.

I was surprised to learn that in the Caucuses that there is a great deal of emerging cooperation between the states (Georgia, Russia, Armenia, etc.). The Commonwealth of Independent States has a free visa program that I also need to look into a bit more. I wonder if there are applications for labour mobility in North America.

Went out for Chinese food this evening. It was pretty good, but different from what we're used to in Canada.

Funny story for the day: When the rest of the guys ran across the street when the light was changing I decided not to risk it and waited for the light to change. I rolled my eyes, opened my arms with my palms faced upwards and shook my head as I looked at the two Japanese girls beside me and exclaimed "GaiJin (Foreigners)" They broke out into laughter.

It's not quite as long of a post as it has been as I have been working on my powerpoint presentation for tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it.

And now here's what everyone has been waiting for: the day's photos:

Sapporo Tower

Sapporo Clock Tower

Tea from dinner this evening

Tofu dish with these old eggs that are kind of rubbery. They have turned dark with age. I don't think they were pickled, but preserved somehow. It's not bad.

Ice Guy: frozen orange juice for dessert at the hotel.
Sapporo JR Train Station

Search for japanese knives

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