Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 14, 2010 Around and about Tokyo by Train

We started off from the hotel and hopped on the Tokyo JR rail and went to see the Imperial Palace which is near to Ginza. We had tuna sashimi and rice at a little place under the train tracks that was really good. Authentic. We walked around the East Garden and Imperial Palace grounds and then went to Ginza and looked around some shops. We hopped on the rail and went to Ueno and hopped off. We had dinner at a noodle shop and then walked around Ueno park and visited the Zoo there. We were happy to see animals; we’re having withdrawal from our cat. The Tiger was gorgeous. When night fell there were bats flying around the zoo and the park. We hopped on the train and went to Harajuku. We walked around Harajuku and it was a lot tamer than we though. We walked all the way to Shibuya and went across the famous Shibuya crossing that can take 8,000 people at a time and has all the billboards and flashing lights. We hopped the train back to Shinjuku from Shibuya. The train system is easy to use. We next went walking around Shinjuku to see more of the night life. We finally succeeded in finding the other half of Shinjuku and got out of the three block tourist maze/vortex by our hotel. We marvelled at the lights that looked like Shibuya (April thought it was Shibuya again). We stopped at a cat cafĂ© at 12:30 and paid for an hour of hanging out with cats and had a cold drink. There were about 30-40 cats there and they wandered through the two level place as they pleased and there were toys to play with them and books with their names. So many beautiful varieties including Russian Blue, leopard cat, Silver tabby, and munchkin cats that have front legs are shorter than their back legs. We then walked back to the hotel. We went to bed around 2:00 a.m., a true Tokyo day.

Hanging out outside the Imperial Palace, Tokyo.

Bushy tail of a red Panda

Bill and the bright lights of the big city

Cat at cafe

April found a silver tabby

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