Monday, August 2, 2010


Today we had lectures on Nepal and Bhutan. As someone who did not know much about the region beforehand, it was a welcome education. One minor thing that was touched on that I would like to learn more about was the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty that gives the Nepalese all the rights of Indians, and Indians all the rights of Nepalese. In Bhutan, the government has over the years more and more narrowly defined who can be Bhutanese and there is some conflict/subjugation of the Nepalese minority who the Bhuantese seem to love-to-hate—love to have them do work, but hate them to become citizens. It’s a state that has adopted what I call Budo-Nationalism. Although I understand the regional and geopolitical reasons for it, a part of me finds some of their ethnic excluding, nation-building policies very disturbing.

It’s going to be an early night tonight. I hope to get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we are going to learn all about Korea and the very prominent border issues on that peninsula country.

I didn't take any pictures today.

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