Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The sleep last night was dismal. April’s upper back and shoulders went out as a result of the swimming and tension caused by our fight with ANA over their baggage charge yesterday.

 We have her on Robaxacet and Naproxen to reduce the swelling and relax the muscles and she has been sleeping all of this morning and now into the afternoon. Not fun to get after one is just getting over stomach issues, too.

Bill made breakfast: some instant porridge, sliced canned peaches, and some yoghurt and we went back to sleep. Bill got up and wrote our complaint letter to ANA. We had eggs and toast for lunch and it was nice to have eggs that are solid (rather than runny) for the first time in a month. April went back to sleep and appears to be getting a little bit better and is in less pain. Bill sent off the complaint letter and has been writing blog entries.

Our hotel room at the Rasso Ishigaki. Palatial.

View from the plane of Ishigaki.
Swimming at the ANA resort near to our hotel. No coral or sea snakes here.
We love ANA!
Bill shows his best island style at the ANA resort.

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