Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kyoto to Hiroshima

Our Shinkansen train ride from Hiroshima was uneventful. We certainly have it down to a science, although if we were to do it again, we would probably pack into smaller suitcases rather than having two big ones that cannot be put overhead.

We arrived in Hiroshima and put our bags into a locker and headed to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Museum, just a short cable car ride away from the station. Words cannot describe its impact.  It is an excellent museum describes very well the tragic human toll of nuclear weapons.

We had dinner and went to our hotel which was located far outside the downtown core. It had nice amenities listed on its website but it neglected to tell us that these amenities had high fees associated with them. If we were to ever come to Hiroshima again we would probably book closer into town as the taxi ride was expensive as they have a monopoly on restaurants in the area, any meal at the hotel would have been expensive.

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