Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Resting and waiting

Today I woke up and had breakfast after sleeping in until 8:30. Last night we all went for a farewell dinner and said out goodbyes. A number of people went out after dinner, but midnight was about enough for me and a few of the others who had early flights.
After breakfast I went down to check out and our Chinese friends were also checking out. They are very interested in different sources for their research that they cannot obtain in China and were heading to the library. I remember what it was like going from the University College of the Cariboo to the University of Victoria and being amazed and enthralled by the size of the library. However, I think the lack of books at UCC was a result of monetary reasons whereas in China there is also political element involved. I admire their dedication to their research and went along with them to learn about what they are studying and their take on world events. Their English is very good and we exchanged gifts earlier in the conference—I gave them some of the re-usable bags with the maple leaf emblazoned upon them and they gave me a key chain from their university in China.
Too often we see China as a single monolith with no diversity of ideas and if there are any new ideas they are quickly taken care of by the government. Although I am sure that this occurs in some cases, it is not always the case within China. I am fairly certain that there is internal debate occurring. It may not be on the same level as it is in the West, and it may be more nuanced but it exists.
I had some great noodles for lunch today. They sure know how to do their ramaen in Sapporo.
In about 5-6 hours I will be meeting April at the Sapporo rail station. Our hotel is only a five-minute walk away. It’s a great location. I will soon be packing up the bags and moving on to check into the new hotel.
Receiving my certificate of completion from Professor Akihiro Iwashita
They have big crows/ravens here in Sapporo
1000mg of vitamin C. The variety of drinks here are fascinating.

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