Monday, August 30, 2010

August 27: Downtown Ishigaki Trip

Today April was mostly over the neck and shoulder issues and we walked from the hotel downtown. We estimated that it would take 30 minutes. It took about one and half hours and was very, very hot. We found the tourist office and obtained an English map and guide to the island. Then April started feeling sick. We stopped for lunch at a Japanese place that included traditional fare such as sashimi and green caviar but April took ill after a couple of bites and we had to go back to the hotel by taxi. We also obtained the five day bus pass that is a good deal for island visitors at 2,000 yen or about $20 per person for unlimited travel around the island. April went to bed and slept till the late afternoon.  We then walked down to the ANA resort for a cool down swim.  It was a cool down when the rain hit while we were swimming and on our way home. We saw little geckos on the walls of the outside of the hotel. They are very small and flesh coloured with beady black eyes. One of them was only about one inch long. So cute. We had dinner at home and went to bed.

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