Monday, August 30, 2010

August 28, 2010

We wanted to go to a beach today but April was too sick still. It became apparent that it was serious food poisoning (it either returned or was a new batch- it’s unclear). She started Cipro antibiotics again today (thank God for Cipro! Don’t leave home without it!) and in the late afternoon felt well enough for us to walk over to the ANA resort again for some canned Shinsa music (traditional Okinawan guitar that they blast over the beach just so you’re not frightened by sounds of nature or silence) and nature free swimming. As we started swimming the clouds and wind picked up and we were treated to not just rain but also thunder. The lifeguard told everyone to come in and we sat in the rain and had a banana as we watched the storm gather. We walked back to our hotel and had dinner across the street and an early  night. We bought some what we thought was pain medication for the back at the drug store. Bill googled it and found out that it was actually a muscle relaxant used sometimes by anaesthesiologists in Canada when they operate and is what April is allergic to (pseudocholinesterase deficiency- google it- it’s rare) so Bill ended up taking this for his stiff  back. Too much swimming.

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